Emma Nixon - The Wishlist and Cloudstreet
"My lovely blonde 14 inch Viola is nearly two years old.  I got it when it was only a week old and it already had a lovely warm voice.  The Viola is easy to play, lightweight and the perfect instrument for accompanying my singing with Cloudstreet and The Wish List.  I love it!"

Sarah Busuttil-Palmer - Violinist of The Royal High Jinx
"I met Roland a few years back and played some of his beautiful violins at the National Folk Festival.  I was later touring and the story goes that I was doing my usual gypsy violin stage antics and tripped over and killed my old Italian fiddle.  The silver lining was that I wasn't too far from the legendary luthier Roland Stefen who kindly lent me one of his beautiful violins to continue the rest of the tour.  I fell in love with the warm yet bright tone of his beautifully crafted instrument and had to have it.  I have been performing on it ever since.
I currently recorded all my violin lines from our album "Wheel of Poor Choices" with my band the Royal High Jinx.  You can hear Roland's violin being performed right here..
I thank Roland for his sincerity in his craftmanship and meticulous care he takes to create beautiful violins that sing so honestly."