A Violin is traditionally constructed of Spruce for the top or belly and Maple for the sides and back and neck.
            From Left to Right - Spruce for top, Maple for neck and Maple for Back 

A Wedge of spruce is selected and cut lengthwise

This is called "bookmatching"

                                                                          The mold with the Blocks Installed

The sides or ribs are made of Maple that has been heated and bent into shape.

Ribs Bent to Shape and glued to blocks                  Ribs glued and clamps removed

 Liners ready to be installed                                           Gluing in C-Liners   

        Rest of Liners Installed                                        All Liners Installed
The two halves of spruce for the top are glued together and the shape of a violin is cut out using the mold above.

The outside is shaped

The inside of the top is marked and ready for
hollowing out.

      Hollowing out is commenced

The groove for the purfling is cut.                    Purfling ready to be inserted

Arching is complete, the purfling is installed and f-holes cut.

        Guarneri-Style F- Hole
                                                            (Click to enlarge for  detail)                                                                
 The Top has got the bass bar installed and is ready for tuning




     Chladni Mode 5  on the top                  Chladni Mode 2 on the Top

   Chladni Mode 2 on the Back                                          Chladni Mode 5 on the back

Back attached to rib assembly                        Top attached to rib assembly (the back has been                                                                             removed in this picture)




The violin is now ready to be assembled.

The top and back are attached to the rib assembly.

The Saddle is installed

The neck's basic shape is cut from a piece of maple and then hand-shaped.


   Scroll and peg-box finished

The neck  mortice joint is cut.

                 Neck assembly clamped to body

The neck is inserted, aligned  and glued

Finished neck joint

This particular violin has had an Ebony inlay on Button inserted.  (Click to enlarge for Detail)

The instrument is now ready for varnishing and setting up.