About Us

Roland's love of timber, combined with his ability to craft or build just about anything led him to embark on a mission to make his first instrument many years ago.  Since then he has attained a broad knowledge in the making of violins and other instruments.  He is dedicated to producing instruments of a high quality that are hand-crafted, meticulously finished with oil varnish and individually set-up.  His violins are made in the Stradivarius or Guarneri style from imported timbers of the alpine areas of Switzerland, Canada, Germany and America.
Whilst his first love is violins, he has also built some exceptional  Violas, Cellos and various other stringed instruments, researching all aspects of construction and history.
 He initially started his career in luthiery by making guitars but now only makes bowed instruments and has now made over 125 bowed instruments that are played by professional musicians, music teachers and students.
He lives with his wife, Lyn in Wollongong.